Getting back into cycling with mobius BridgeLane

I really thought I was done with working in cycling. But it always has a way to lure you back in and make you realise what you have been missing out on. I don't think it will ever let you completely leave. All the trouble mid-way through 2015 with Team SmartStop left me deflated and … Continue reading Getting back into cycling with mobius BridgeLane


My Best Friend Got Married

Just a month after I moved to Sydney, I was back at the airport for another adventure. (Wanderlust, I know!). Michael Creed was getting married and there was no way I would miss that for the world. Going back to America felt like I was going home, it had been two years since I left … Continue reading My Best Friend Got Married

The Last 24 Hours.

It was just a normal Thursday. I had dinner in Monaco with Factor Bikes owners, Baden and Rob, I got the train home around 9.30pm hoping to make it back in time to head down to the beach and watch the Bastille Day fireworks display. I dropped my laptop at my apartment, grabbed a beer from the fridge and started walking down in the direction of the Promenade des Anglais. About halfway there, I turned around. I went home.